• “I am so glad you are in my village! You are such a strong, positive female influence on my daughter. I can tell you really care about your dancers, not just how well they dance but what kind of people they are becoming as well. I love your message of kindness and hard work. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication!”

    Proud Parent

  • “I appreciate all the communication and all the tiny details the studio owner thinks of to help the dancers grow and progress and to put on a beautiful show!”

    Proud Parent

  • “The teachers and staff are great with my girls. Both my girls get excited to go to class every weekend.”

    Proud Parent

  • “They were so kind and understanding with my child! It is a joy to see my daughter dance with all the kids and all the smiles. I love this studio!”

    Proud Parent

  • “I appreciate all the communication and all the tiny details the studio owner thinks of to help the dancers grow and progress and to put on a beautiful show!”

    Proud Parent

  • “The girls love being at your studio, and the combination of being disciplined and kind are well-modeled by you and your teachers. Thank you!”

    Proud Parent

  • ““I just wanted to send you a real quick note and just tell you how wonderful I thought the recital was on Saturday. My daughter had previously been enrolled in another ballet school, and that was her introduction to ballet. While it was a very good school, it did not contain some of the elements that your school does. The show on Saturday was amazing. Every number was wonderful and unique. I adored all the costumes. The dancers were great, and it was incredibly entertaining. It was funny at times, theatrical. I just wanted to tell you I thought the whole thing was wonderful.
    My daughter and I very much look forward to her class in the fall.
    Thank you for everything you put into the program and the recital on Saturday.” ”

  • “"I just want to say what a wonderful recital that was last night! We have never been involved in anything so big so we didn’t know what to expect.It was well run and just an overall good time for the families. I hope the dancers had fun too. I know my daughter had fun! I thought her class did a superb job! They really shone! We are so proud of her. I love that your studio is non-competitive and family friendly. All the kids are nice to each other and there doesn’t seem to be cliques. We will definitely come back to your studio!"”

  • “"The recital was so much fun! Thank you to you and your team for making my daughter's first dance experience great."”

  • “"I just wanted to tell you that the matinee recital was fabulous and my daughter cannot stop saying how much fun she had and talking about being in the wings and seeing the other dancers. A wonderful impression has been made. She has grown so much in the last year and a half with you. The studio is so welcoming and encouraging and I couldn’t be happier that my daughter is dancing with you all." ”



  • “Thank you for letting me take tap dance and be in the recital. I had the best time and I love Gotta Dance! I am very thankful for your love and kindness.”

    AGE 10

  • “Thank you for making this studio possible. You are so great at everything and I am so proud to be the dancer that you have made me.”

    AGE 8

  • “You make dancing so much fun! Thank you for cleaning our dances for recital. I can’t wait to keep moving up in dance!”

    AGE 12

  • “You opened a beautiful studio with amazing and talented staff. You have created an environment where I feel safe and loved and I can be myself. Thank you for all the things you have taught me, so much more than just dance. I have made memories at Gotta Dance! that will last a lifetime.”

    AGE 17





7878 E. Wrightstown Rd., Suite 100 Tucson, AZ 85715