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Pre-Professional Program

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Advanced Program
Ages 9-18

Our advanced classes are tailored for the high level dancer who is pursuing dance seriously. Whether the dancer is considering dance in college, as a career, or a path that leads to a non-dance profession, our students gain immeasurably from having studied dance with Gotta Dance!. Students develop self-motivation, self-discipline, poise, grace, physical fitness and an appreciation for the arts, which they will carry with them throughout their lives.

We have had such success with our training program that many of our dancers at this level audition for and attend summer intensives with professional ballet training programs and other summer dance programs Nationwide including, Houston Ballet Academy, BalletWest, The Washington Ballet, Nutmeg Conservatory, The Ellison Ballet, Ballet Tucson, Ballet Met, Ballet Austin, Pittsburgh Ballet, Debbie Allen Dance Academy.

Our advanced dancers, with Director approval, may take the following classes at the levels of 2 through Advanced Ballet Technique, Pre-Pointe, Beginning Pointe & Pointe, Variations and Choreography in our Ballet Division as well as Broadway Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Lyrical.

*Ballet 2, 3 and Advanced Technique and all Pointe classes are twice per week classes.
Pre-Pointe dancers at this level will be taking a minimum of 4 hours of ballet training per week.
Pointe Dancers will be taking a minimum of 4.5 to 5.5 hours of ballet training per week.



Classes are leveled. Progression throughout the levels is determined by the Director.
Please note students do not level up each year.


This class further advances classical ballet training. After the age of 8, dancers are placed in class according to skill, technique and experience level.


This class is situated in classic jazz technique revolving around rhythm, precision and aesthetics. As students progress through levels they will be exposed to stylistic sub-divisions of the style. Jazz class is a must for the child who wants to be a dancer, especially those interested in musical theater.


A style of dance rooted in rhythm, athleticism, experimentation and group formation.


Musical Theater Dance develops theatrical performance qualities in dancers. Simultaneous enrollment in ballet is strongly recommended. Portraying emotion and performance skills are part of this class. while singing is not. This genre of dance is similar to the dancing children see in musical movies such as Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, Newsies, Annie, etc.


Tap classes are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Starting with Level 1, dancers will be moved up based on skill, technique and maturity. Tap is a skill that requires practice outside of the classroom if the dancer wants to progress.


Pre-Pointe is an invitation only class for the dancers who will be enrolled in a minimum of 4 hours of ballet per week. Readiness for pointe is based on age, growth, years of ballet training, strength and technical ability, as determined by the Director. Pointe dancers are required to maintain enrollment in 4.5 to 5.5 hours of ballet instruction per week.  


Fall Session: August 27, 2022 to December 10, 2022
Spring Session: January 16, 2023 to May 13, 2023


Registration Fee: $25 per dancer or $45 per household.

Tuition Fee:

  • Ballet levels 2, 3, through Advanced, twice per week $450 per session.
  • 1 class/week $255 per session.
  • 2 classes/week $480 per session.
  • 3 classes/week $680 per session.
  • 4 classes/week $880 per session.
  • 5 classes/week $970 per session.
  • 6 classes/week $1110 per session.
  • Ballet twice per week $450 per session.

  • Choreography and Variations $275 per session.

  • Pas de Deux $275 per session.

  • Pre-Pointe & Pointe twice per week $400 per session.

Recital Fee: $135 per class & includes:

  • The recital costume, (Professional tutus are rented only) 
  • Matching tights,
  • Commemorative t-shirt with your dancer's name on it,
  • Professional video link of the entire show.

Fall session students:

Recital fee deposit of $100 per class is due in November. The balance of $35 per class in due in January.

Spring session students:

Recital fee of $135 per class is due upon enrollment. The recital fee of $135 per class is non-refundable.

2022-2023-Class-ScheduleThe Required Uniform:

Once that you have decided to dance with us, it is time to prepare your child for success in the classroom by purchasing appropriate dancewear.

Skaters need skates, swimmers need swimsuits, music lessons need an instrument, dancers need dancewear.

Dancewear is an integral part of every dancer’s life.While parents may wish to buy dancewear that allows some growing room and lesser quality materials for a more cost-effective purchase, this is not advisable. Dance clothing is intended to be ‘fitted’, and have a three-way stretch as part of the functions.

There is a safety aspect, too. For example, if leotards are too big and baggy, the teacher cannot see any postural problems. If dance shoes are from Walmart or Payless, they are made of plastic and do not stretch with your child's foot. Slippers that are too large create and unsupported foot and not to mention, a trip hazard!

Finally, studio uniforms are a way of adjustment and discipline, as well as representing the studio culture. Everyone wearing the same clothing prepares students for a structured environment of formal behaviour.

Dancewear discipline is required at Gotta Dance!

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**In addition to tuition, there is a $25 Registration Fee charged in the Fall only. $45 for families.  

*Ballet Levels  2, 3, and Advanced and Pre-Pointe/Pointe are twice per week classes and are priced differently and do not count towards multi-class discount. Variations class is also priced differently.