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Tiny Tots Intro Kids Advanced Tuition Facility


Is there a registration fee?

Yes! Our annual registration fee is $25 per student/$15 for each additional family child and must be paid in FULL prior to the start of classes. You can pay on our website by credit card, or in the studio by check, cash, or credit card. 

Is there a dress code?

Yes! There are some rules that apply to everyone – but for dress codes rules specific to each class please see our website. Some things that everyone can keep in mind are: no jewelry, hair must be up and out of the dancer’s face, and dance shoes may only be worn on the dance floor. Do NOT wear your dance shoes outside, and do not wear street shoes on the dance floor!

Where do I purchase dance clothing or shoes?

Gotta Dance! Studio! We sell all of our dress code items including shoes in the studio. All of our teachers can help measure and fit your dancer in the studio. If we don’t have the right size, we can place an order and get relatively fast delivery times. 

Can we try a class before registering for it?

Of course! Call us and let us know which class you would like to try. A word of caution, the younger your dancer, the faster those classes fill up. We do have waiting lists. 

Do we have to pay tuition in full at the beginning of the semester?

Yes, we ask that tuition be paid upfront. There are no tuition refunds. The only exception to paying up front is that we can put a credit card on file and have you sign a release for us to charge the credit card in three equal payments starting upon registration. 

What are your seasons? 

We run our fall season from August to December. Spring season is January to May. We have summer in June and early July and are closed the last two weeks of July. 

What performance opportunities do you have? 

Each year we produce The Nutcracker Ballet in December. May brings our Spring Recital each year. Neither performance is mandatory but it is extremely rare for a student to not participate. Our performances are lots of fun and very glamorous and exciting for the children. 

Can I watch my child’s class? 

Dance class is just like school; Children do MUCH better without parents in the studio. This also allows the teacher to establish as the authority in the classroom. Because we have an open studio where the lobby is adjacent to the dance floor, it is extremely disruptive and distracting to the dancers to have people and other children sitting in the lobby. We allow first time dancers to have one adult attend the first class with them to observe. After that, the dancer should be able to attend by themselves. Tiny Tots sometimes take a while to warm up and those 3 and 4 year old dancers are handled on a case by case basis. All children must be independent with toileting although all children, regardless of age, are escorted to the restroom by an adult because our restrooms are shared with the photography studio and chiropractic office. 

Is class attendance mandatory?

Yes! It is vital that your dancer come to class. If they are sick, or injured, but are able to sit in the studio and watch their class and take notes, please bring them! If you know in advance that your student will be absent, please call and inform the studio as soon as possible. While we understand there will be extenuating circumstances, missing several classes leading up to the recital will result in your dancer not being able to participate in recital. We do have mandatory attendance weeks leading up to recital. Attendance during this time is absolutely mandatory. 

Are recital rehearsals mandatory?

Absolutely! Tech rehearsal and dress rehearsals are mandatory and absence from either will result in your dancer not being able to participate in recital. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.