Tights will be issued to dancers at the studio or at the technical rehearsal.  They must wear these same tights for Dress Rehearsal and the Recital. If they rip, please let us know. We will have another pair available for you to purchase.

It is especially important that your dancer wear the tights we give to her.

A “fleshy” is a tan colored leotard, worn under costumes - is a standard in the industry and allows dancers to make costume changes in the stage wings and in the dressing rooms without fully undressing. No dancers should be wearing underwear that could be seen in tights and leotard. Every female dancer must wear a fleshy to Dress Rehearsals and the Performances. The good news is that they are so stretchy that they can be worn through growth spurts.

Boys  must wear tight fitting shorts i.e. bike shorts and a form fitting, white, T-shirt. They are not permitted to walk around in boxers or underwear nor will they be able to change into costumes behind closed doors. 

DON’T FORGET YOUR CHILD’S DANCE SHOES!!! IF THEY DO MORE THAN ONE GENRE OF DANCE, THEY NEED ALL THEIR USUAL DANCE SHOES. Please label your dancers shoes. It is very hard to figure out who belongs to the 58 left ballet shoes that go flying around backstage.