It is up to parents whether or not they want to do make-up for picture day. Your child does not have to wear make-up for picture day. 

Makeup IS necessary to avoid a washed-out look under the bright stage lights.  Make-up is VERY MUCH PREFERRED for Dress Rehearsal and Recital day. We will not be doing dancers’ make-up except to touch up or fix.

You will need the following items for make-up:  full coverage powder, blush, black eyeliner, black mascara, baby pink lip liner, and baby pink lipstick. Please use a pressed powder that matches your child’s skin tone and will last all day. The blush should complement their skin tone and be applied heavy enough to be seen across the room. Remember, we want everyone in the audience back row to see the dancer’s adorable faces! We don’t want any washed out faces lost on the stage. Please use black eyeliner on the top lid and on the outer corner of their bottom lash line. Apply two layers of mascara to top lashes and one layer to bottom lashes. Apply lip liner before lipstick to avoid the lipstick ‘bleeding’ off of their lips onto their face. If your child has very light colored eyebrows, please fill them in with a light brown eye-shadow. If you have a setting spray, please apply it to your child’s face when the mascara and lipstick have dried. If you do not have setting spray, NO WORRIES! 

For Dress Rehearsal and Recital, please apply the makeup HEAVILY. It may feel silly, but we want it to not only stay on, but also to show up on stage. We promise it will look great from the audience! 

Boys make up should include black eyeliner applied in the same manner as the girls, mascara on top and bottom lashes, blush on the cheeks and lip color in the pink to red hues.

Your child’s hair should be in a clean, tight, high ballet bun with no hair on their faces. Please see the video below for instructions on how to do this if you don’t know how.

If your child's hair is too short to get into a ballet bun, they may wear their hair in their normal style as long as it is not in their face. Please note, that hair must be very short to be considered "unable to get in a bun." 

For safety purposes, ABSOLUTELY NO JEWELRY is permitted on Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal Day or Recital Day. This includes earrings of any kind (other than tiny studs), no bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, etc.  They snag tights and costumes and other dancers!

Ballet Bun Tutorial 

Make-Up Tutorial - For Older Dancers