Technical and Dress Rehearsal will be closed to non-dancers, parents and families. 

A Technical Rehearsal means that we:  1. Show the dancers the facility, the stage, backstage and discuss safety in the theater, and then, 2. We then run through the entire show in order and set the lighting, test the sound etc. This is also the rehearsal where we practice getting the dancers on and off stage safely. Dancers come in regular dance clothing. NO FLIP FLOPS ALLOWED in the theater. For the dancer’s safety, we prefer that they wear closed toed shoes. Please feed your dancer prior to arrival. NO food and drinks are allowed in the theater with the exception of water bottles. Please have your children go potty BEFORE their call time, i.e., just before you sign them over to us!

Please have your child bring a LABELED water bottle.

The Dress Rehearsal means that every dancer performs their routine in costume and executes each one of his or her costume changes. Your dancer must arrive in her tights with her fleshy over her tights. She should wear some sort of cover-up to walk in and around the theater. Many dancers simply wear a robe that they can easily slip off and that doesn’t mess up their hair. Please don’t allow your child to walk outside in her ballet slippers or other dance shoes. They should enter the theater with regular shoes and then put on their dance shoes. 

Boys backstage must wear tight fitting shorts i.e. bike shorts and a form fitting T-shirt. They are not permitted to walk around in boxers or underwear nor will they be able to change into costumes behind closed doors. Their costumes will go over their bike shorts and white t-shirt. 

Your child must arrive to Dress Rehearsal and Recital with their hair already done and their make-up already done.